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We subscribe members to a combo of 3 streaming services each month for a flat fee.

No lock in. Cancel for free anytime.

How it works

We curate & rotate our member's streaming services

As a member of BSC you are subscribed to 3 services each month based on where the best new releases are coming out.

Get sent regular curation of the highlights to watch out for each month as well as your details for logging in to the selected platforms.

BOB will switch subscriptions for you each month so you have a window on the best new shows across 10+ streaming platforms.

Need more time? Opt out of any switch and stay with the platforms you have for longer, then loop back in to the curated service when you are ready.

Get notified when a subscription is due to be switched in the future so you can prioritise your viewing.


BOB will always subscribe Streaming Club members to 3 services at a time based on the availability of the biggest and best shows. BOB will also curate the calender, letting you know when and where the shows are on, plus notifications of when subscriptions will be changed.

No. The BOB team prioritise the best and biggest shows for our users to enjoy. All members are subscribed to the same services at the same time. We are in it together!

We charge for the 3 services we provide our users. There is fee on top of this to maintain the planning, staff and infrastructure required to run a service that our members want to keep using.

BOB will always keep you subscribed to 3 streaming services at any one time.

Yes, while the fee for our members remains flat/mothly, our costs fluctuate depending on the services picked. Let us assure you, we choose the services based on the best titles available and look to optimise the services as efficiently as we can. The price we ask covers any service combination, so our focus on quality is not compromised. We want our members to love the service we provide; this is what we continue to strive for.

About as easy as we could make it. Simply select the ‘cancel’ option in your account and you will be eligible to use the service up until the next billing cycle.

The Streaming Club is designed to give you maximum efficiency across multiple services so ideally, other subscriptions are not required.

All major streaming services are covered by The Streaming Club apart from Amazon Prime Video.

The BOB team will let you know how long each subscription is due to run for when you first recieve log in details. Regular reminders will be sent confirming this date so you have enough time to finish the shows you have your teeth in to.

You can opt out of any switch and stay with the platforms you have for longer, then loop back in to the curated service when you are ready.

The BOB team comb all the various streaming schedules for the months ahead. The team then plot an optimum path to subscribe and cancel services based on the highlights that are due to air.

Not always. If we highlight a show, we will almost never cut it off half way through. If it is released weekly, we will often subscribe our users to the final episodes so they can enjoy the whole series. This helps us optimise the quality of shows available each month within the 3 services we make available.

The short answer is big new premieres and returning seasons of talked about, high quality shows.

This of course, is perfectly understandable. Cutting the cord with Netflix for a month or two is an uncomfortable thought for many people, but its also why this is exciting. We believe that those who take a leap of faith with us will enjoy better TV, not worse.

Our planning indicates to us that the best titles can be accessed with 3 services at a time. These may need to be staggered, depending on how the titles are rolled out on the third party services.

The BOB team is made up of TV enthusiasts who believe that there should be something great to watch everytime you switch on. The team have worked in the broadcast business and explored consumer problems at first hand; we built to help people navigate the streaming world. Our story so far has brought us here and while we can't cater for everyones individual taste, we believe we can schedule a compelling offering for those looking to simplify TV.

We'd love to hear from you. Send us an email at

So why BOB Streaming Club?

The best TV across 10+ streaming platforms, none of the fuss.



  • 3 platforms each month
  • Rotating subscriptions
  • Regular fresh libraries


  • The new premieres
  • Curated highlights
  • Optimized viewing windows
Flat Fee


  • One flat fee
  • No admin
  • Cancel anytime

What our members say

Great TV, hassle free

BOB scans the streaming schedules and previews the big ticket shows to be released. BOB then subscribes to the best content on your behalf so you can always get the best shows, hassle free.

Our members are currently subscribed to...

AMC+ Better Call Saul S6 Pt 1, 61st Street, Killing Eve S4, That Dirty Black Bag

HBO Max Julia, Winning Time: The Rise of the Laker Dynasty, Tokyo Vice, The Flight Attendant S2, We Own This City, Minx, The Batman (Movie), Our Flag Means Death

Netflix The Pentaverate, The Lincoln Lawyer, Our Father, Russian Doll S2, Ozark S4 Pt2, Stranger Things S4 Pt 1, Operation Mincemeat (Movie)

How do we pick the subscriptions?

Ad Supported

with 7 day free trial

3 services rotated each month.

Selected from: Apple TV+, Hulu, Showtime, HBO Max, AMC+, Netflix, Paramount+, Disney+, Starz, Peacock, Britbox


Ad Free

with 7 day free trial

3 ad-free services rotated each month

Selected from: Apple TV+, Hulu, Showtime, HBO Max, AMC+, Netflix, Paramount+, Disney+, Starz, Peacock, Britbox


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